Paying for care

Paying for care is based on individual circumstances, and an assessment of the individuals care requirements.

We believe that everyone has the right to a high standard of care, and some people will receive contributions from their local authority.

In summary, a local authority will contribute to the cost of care if an individual’s assets (their savings and the value of their home) amount to less than £23,000. There is a sliding scale of local authority contribution below this threshold.

The local authority pay a Culteral Allowance to the home for those residents recieving assistance with funding.

There are times when families are asked to pay a top up if needed.

The Trustee's treat everyones circumstances on an individual basis, and will meet with families/next of kin to discuss finances if there issues/difficulties.

There is a financial form which is required to be filled out for all permanent admissions to the home. This is usually done by the persons family/next of kin/representative/POA and it a requirement of the admission procedure.

The fee's a person pays are decided on the level of their care needs. This decision is made by the Manager after the assessment of needs has taken place.

The Trustee's review fee's on a yearly basis, and reserve the right to increase the fee's every April.