Our services: almost like home

We  offer our Residents a safe, secure and happy enviroment, where family and friends are always welcome. We operate an Open Door Policy at all times.

We are focused on the human individual ensuring they are treated with dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity at times by our highly trained and committed carers. This helps to create  trusting and personal relationships between everyone living in, working in, or visitng our Home.

An overview of our home and care services

Permanent Resident

Each person that comes into the home, will have a full pre-assessment of needs, either at home, hospital or a place of their choice. This will take into account all Care Requirements from admission to End of Life considerations. The emphasis of all care is ensuring promotion of choice at all times, so every individual feels they have contributed at all times regarding their plan of care. 

Some of our Residents have lived in the home for many years, and have very close links with the Orthodox and Reform Synagogues, and local Jewish Community. Volunteers from the Community hold fundraising events at Hannah Levy House which invloves our Residents and Staff Team raising funds for the Home.


At Hannah Levy House we offer Respite Care, which enables families to take a break whilst knowing that their loved one is being cared for in a safe, caring enviroment.

Often people come into the home on short stay from home or hospital, and decide that they would like to stay with us.

People staying on Respite recieve the same quality of care as our permanent residents, and are free to join in with everything that is going on.

We offer Pesach Short Stays, so that people can come to the home during Pesach. this enables them to enjoy the festival without all the hard work involed with preparation. This has proved very popular with the local Jewish community.

The admission procedure is the same for Respite/Short Stay, as it is for permanent placement. A full assessment of needs will be carried out prior to addmission to ensure the home can meet the needs of each individual person.

Day care

We offer Day Care to the Jewish Community, and this is very benficial for those that wish to reamain independent at home, but to gain the benefits of having a day out.

We offer people who come in for Day Care, baths/shower, chiropody, hairdressing, meals, entertainment, and trips out.

We ask that people are able to arrange their own transport to and from the home for Day Care.

People choose how many days a week they would like to attend.

We have had people decide they would like to stay after coming for Day Care. This enables them to get to know the home, the other residents and the staff team. It is a very positive way for people to make a major decision about their future care needs.

We are also able to notice if there are any concerns with people living alone, and alert the relevant representative.