Our garden - a great place for the residents to enjoy a sunny, summers day.

New Summer House for our residents to enjoy. It has a very nautical feel about it with decking and rope balistrade - very fitting for a Home by the seaside - may be we could refer to it as the HLH beach hut.

Keeping you up to date

There has been so much going on the last few days.......


We have decorated the home with Bunting and Flags etc.....


We enjoyed all the Jubilee Celebrations! Our residents have been watching everything they can on the TV, gatherings of the Royal Family, the wonderful boat Pageant on the

Thames, Fly By's, Concerts, Parades down the Mall in horse drawn carriages, and The races!!!


The most astonishing thing was that people who would normally want to go to bed early all stayed up to watch the concert outside Buckingham Palace! Some have said that it brought back memories of the music their children used to listen too. Some said it was just wonderful to watch such a cheerfull event and see everyone enjoying themselves.


Some said it was a typically British occassion with all the pomp and ceremony that only this country can provide!


We had a Jubilee Party on Monday, and the chef provided a beautiful mix of party foods, fresh fruits, trifles, cakes and nibbles.........and we made a Jubilee Punch which went down very well with everyone. Some residents got up for a dance, and some took part in karaoke for the first time. All in all it was a very successful and enjoyable time!!!!!

We've recently celebrated Peter Arnfeld's 85th birthday at the Home. He received birthday cards, presents and good wishes from many family members and friends. May he be bless with good health for many more years to come.