Steps taken to help prevent the coronavirus coming into the home.

Date 04.03.2020

  • Up to date information from the government and Public Health England put in the policy folder and all staff made aware via notices up within the home.
  • All staff who answer the door have been instructed to ask visitors before entering;
  • have they been abroad?
  • have they visited a high-risk area?
  • Have they been in contact with anyone who has been abroad?
  • If so, have they self-quarantined and been symptom free for 14 days?
  • Agencies notified by us to ensure that they are been strict on their staff screening. I have asked for their procedures to be put in an email to me. (Received)
  • Notices put on the front door.
  • Extra hand gel purchased.
  • Disinfectant wipes placed around bathrooms
  • Staff made aware of ‘good’ handwashing.
  • Team leaders made aware of the government information in the policy folder on what action to take should anyone in the home become infected.
  • Plenty of gloves, masks and aprons made available.
  • Latest NHS posters re hand washing put up around the home.

12.03.2020 Covid 19 information folder put in place for all staff to be aware of with all relevant information, letters out and legislation. Also dedicated Covid 19 notice board put up in the main office, all staff made aware.

12.03.2020 I took the decision to close the home to visitors.

Letter went out to all the staff, residents and families.

13.03.2020 Staff informed to come to work in their own clothes then change into work clothes once here. Also, staff could not travel home in their work clothes, they have to change back into their own clothes and leave work clothes here for us to launder for them.

13.03.2020 arranged for any staff who have to take public transport to work to be picked up and dropped home with our mini bus.

14.03.2020 I decided to cancel the delivery of daily newspapers as I felt they could potentially bring in the virus as you don’t know how many people have touched them. I wrote to all the residents who had papers to inform them.

14.03.2020 Skype set up for residents so they can have a call with their relatives, family and friends.

16.03.2020 Staff member who was a hairdresser set up the salon to do residents hair as this is important to a lot of them.


Baking class arranged

More bingo (as their favourite) 

Art afternoons

Hairdressing days for men and woman.

Nails cut, filed and painted for those wanting it.

Garden made ready with chairs and tables out, the residents love this.

BBQ arranged

I arranged with the London Jewish school for messages to be sent via WhatsApp for each individual resident, they absolutely loved it.  

Easter eggs or fruit baskets given to all staff as a little thank you.

April- the residents enjoyed their Passover period. The Rabbi could not come into the home so we arranged for him to send a taped edition of the prayers for Pesach this was enjoyed by all.  

05.04.2020 -Signed up for NHS mail

14.04.2020- A reminder letter sent out to all residents and families with our skype address as only 2 families at this time were using it.

April 20th 2020 -40 Visors have been received for the staff to use if they want to.

23rd April 2020 – Large number of masks, gloves, aprons and hand Sani safe hand gel received. This stock should last us at least 3 months.

27th April 2020 – I ordered a large amount of PPE from Bournemouth Social Services it will be available to pick up 28th April 2020. WE NOW HAVE ENOUGH TO LAST US 3 MONTHS

28th April 2020 – I sent a letter out to all relatives, an update on the Home, residents well-being and our position regarding Covid 19.

30.04.2020 All staff had their coronavirus test; we are waiting for results.


This is ongoing and I will update as I put extra measures in place.


Sandra Wills - Head of House