Hannah Levy House re Coronavirus virus guidance.


  • Should we have an infection of a resident (or staff member) we will follow PHE advice.


  • Admissions - Business as normal but consider minimal numbers of prospective people looking around the home. 
  • Admissions from hospital to include risk assessment

·       Identify residents with respiratory problems and put in additional controls

·       Empower residents to self-isolate if they ask but do not prompt the idea  

  • Discuss best management of respiratory symptoms with staff/GP
  • How quickly could we get a resident tested?
  • Next time to consider the plans for worst case scenario

·       Lockdown

o   Supporting multiple deaths

o   Protecting staff

o   Working with minimal staff levels

o   GP/NHS support


·       Ask staff to limit physical touch with resident hands – alternative - hand on upper arm

·       Are there any staff who don’t use public transport who may be at less risk and could be allocated to residents at highest risk?

·       Check that residents not previously vaccinated for pneumonia have now been vaccinated

·      Isolation if needed.

We will use the top floor as an isolation wing.



  • Senior staff have been monitoring and following the advice given by WHO, PHE, NHS, Care England and NCF
  • Sandra and Julie are currently completing plans for how they could alter shift patterns should they become severely short staffed
  • We will map all staff distances from home to work
  • Ask all staff to monitor the NHS travel guidance displayed on the posters in Reception, on the internet and website.
  • We recommend that staff do not book any non-essential travel from this date onwards
  • We require that all staff inform their Team Leader immediately of any booked and planned overseas travel.
  • If you travel to a country or region listed on the posters then on your return, we would ask you to call the management before returning to work, at which point you will be risk assessed
    • You may be asked to stay away from work for 14 days
    • You may be asked to call 111 and update us on their advice
    • Hannah Levy has agreed to pay statutory sick pay or allow you to take the isolation period as annual leave.
  • If you don’t inform Hannah Levy House before travelling to a country or region on the posters, you may face disciplinary action

·       Discourage any staff from coming into the home for 7 days if they have had or been in contact with anyone with flu symptoms, regardless of their travel history.

  • You may be requested to allow us to take your temperature before entering the building.
  • If you believe you have come into contact with someone who has returned within 2 weeks from one of the countries or regions on the poster call into the home before coming into work
    • You may be asked to stay away from work for 14 days
  • If your child’s school has been closed and you need to be at home, you will be expected to either book annual leave or to find alternative childcare.
  • We ask all staff to immediately wash their hands on entering the building (and to wash their hands regularly throughout the day)
  • We will remind staff that they must not come to work if they are experiencing D&V
  • We wish to stress that the current outcome for general public catching the virus is that only 2% die (who tend to have underlying health issues) but the risk for our residents is currently 20% – so our focus is on protecting them
  • Working from Home – Should the virus risk rise to ‘High’ the following staff may be asked to work from home
    • Finance
    • Administrator
    • Manager
  • Speak to these teams in advance to ensure that they have the equipment and knowledge to work effectively from home.

·       Encourage staff to avoid unnecessary travel and large gatherings that are work related

·       We will ask staff to consider the risks to themselves and to residents when deciding what to attend in their private lives (eg sports and family large events) although we can’t dictate


Visitors, Relatives and Volunteers

  • NHS Posters regarding advice to those who have travelled to the highest infected countries and regions are displayed in Reception (updated daily)
  • Handwashing instruction poster has been put at reception for all people entering the building.
  • You may be requested to allow us to take your temperature before entering the building.
  • Cleaning staff for communal areas have been briefed to increase frequency of cleaning all points of initial contact on entering the building.
  • We ask all relatives and volunteers to monitor the NHS travel guidance as displayed on the posters in reception.
  • We would ask that any relatives or volunteers who have travelled to any of the countries or regions listed on the posters, or who have been in contact with anyone who has recently travelled to the countries or regions listed on the NHS posters, NOT TO COME TO THE HOME for a period of at least 14 days
  • We will cancel groups of external visitors over 5 people (allow families still to visit)

·       Discourage any staff, relatives or volunteers from coming into the home for 2 weeks if they have had or been in contact with anyone with flu symptoms, regardless of their travel history

  • Discouraging unnecessary relative/volunteer/resident physical contact
  • Discouraging relatives and volunteers from coming into the home if they have travelled through any airport in the previous fortnight
  • No children to visit
  • Consider Seder nights (external people) closer to the time
  • Should we have an Italy type scenario in a few weeks it is proposed that we would implement our current plans to
    • Ban all visitors and volunteers
    • Stop all external activity people coming in



  • Additional infection control supplies have been ordered (including aprons, gloves, masks,)
  • Some of the additional infection control supplies have now been received and some we are still awaiting delivery.


External Comms

  • Send letters to all relatives/staff and all volunteers & highlight handwashing again.


Suppliers, Outsourced Catering

  • Care staff Agencies, Suppliers, Outsourced staff (eg Catering) and contractors – we will be requesting copies of their Coronavirus preparations, to assess their adequacy (we noted that we have already received a copy of the agencies plans that we use.
  • Should the virus risk rise to ‘High’ we will cancel all non-essential works from contractors

a.Should the virus rise to High risk all Intergenerational activities will be put on hold

  • Student placements, External visits
  • Should the virus risk rise to High all visits will be temporarily cancelled
  • GP Practice - Business as usual unless the risk rises to High in which case we will review and risk assess resident by resident
  • Same return to work policy as ours, no travel booked until May
  • Contingency plans in place for staff shortages and food supply shortages
  • Requested additional measures:
    • Uniform policy – don’t wear aprons to the toilets
    • Stricter cold and flu intolerance
  • We will cancel all non-essential works from contractors (TB)


  • Hannah levy House agreed;
    • Understand the actual level of CVirus risk (explicit and implicit) which the organisation is bearing
    • Discuss the appropriate balance between minimising CVirus risk and the good operation of the home, and consider whether a lower (or higher) level of risk would be more acceptable
    • Understand the actions being taken by management in the context of the level of risk
    • Understand our contingency plans and consider whether any of these should be brought forward 
    • Understand our approach to communication with trustees, staff, residents and their
    • Families

This may be updated as and when changes occur, we will notify you in writing.


Sandra Wills - Head of House