Welcome to Hannah Levy House Trust in Bournemouth

While complying with all modern requirements for residential care accommodation, our Residential Home in Bournemouth offers specialised Person Centred Care for Jewish Senior Citizens.


We are registered with CQC, and have a contract with Bournemouth Borough Council,

Poole Borough Council, and Dorset County Council.


The Home is overseen by a Team of 3 Trustrees, who all hold individual roles, but work as a Team to ensure the smooth, safe running of the Home. They visit the home at regularly, and are fully informed of all the homes news.


Our comfortable Home, friendly staff and community based atmosphere ensure the residents can relax and enjoy their surroundings. Above all, we are firmly committed to making sure everyone who stays with us feels completely safe, secure and at home. The Management and Staff Team endeavour to create a homely, friendly atmosphere at all times.



About our Home

Our Home is designed around the needs of elderly Jewish People. The aim of the Management and Staff Team, is to enable Jewish Residents to enjoy the optimum quality of life, whilst having regard for Individuality, Respect and Choice, and all Culteral Requirements.


All Jewish Festivals, Holidays, Holy Days are followed, and Residents are offered the choice to join in with these.

We provide a strict Kosher Diet, and the Rabbi comes in to check the kitchens and quality of meals. We provide a Meals on Wheels Delivey Service to the local Jewish community who are in need of assistance due to medical issues.

The Home has a small Synagogue, with an Ark and Sefer Torah.

We also have a Succah.

The home is visited regularly by the Rabbis and members of both Synagogues, who offer pastoral care, and prayers as required by Residents.

We are a cross community organization representing the elderly from all Jewish backrounds.

Our services: care and support

Our Home is driven by the individual needs of our residents, and each individual will be fully assessed on their care requirements. This will continue, and be revued on an ongoing basis. All Care Plans and Risk Assessments are tailored to the Individual's personal requirements.

The Residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible, but the dedicated Staff Team provide help with washing, dressing, bathing/showering, toiet requirements, as required by each indiviual. This happens in conjunction ensuring Dignity, Privacy and Respect at all times.


We provide a full Activities Programme which includes the following: -

Exercise Classes, weekly       

Music therapy           

Art therepy 

Various entertainers, weekly

outings in our mini bus

shopping trips




We also have our own Mini Bus and arrange Trips out as often as possible.

Residents are also invited to Parties at the Shule, and have the opportunity to go to the Shule Day Centre if they wish to.

Our services